Friday, June 6, 2014

Here comes the rain...

Monsoon season is almost upon us. Rain in Calicut often means big puddles, waterlogged roads, dirty feet and with it a cool freshness that lends the coastal air a special zing. 

When I was in Wayanad, my favorite activity on a rainy day was to snuggle with a good book, enjoying a hot, steaming plate of good old Maggi. I am sure everyone has a food memory attached to rain. There are those who have stood outside college and feasted on hot Pakoras from the roadside vendor on a cold, wet day. There are of course some other friends (like Rani), who have enjoyed walking in the rain, eating cold Ice Cream. There are still others who would vouch on a Masaledar Bhutta (Corn) to make their day, during monsoon.

So, in Calicut, at the onset of monsoon let me guide you all to Noufal Cholayil's Shop. From Mavoor Road when you turn right to enter the RP Mall Parking, his stall is right there on the side. He sells Cauliflower Bajis and Chilli Bajis. From the cozy, air conditioned mall, out into the sun or the rain, Noufal's Pakoda Trolly seems to be rightly placed to help you absorb the shock. The spicy, tangy  flavours, subconsciously takes you back to your childhood, where you cherished freshly stolen, raw mangoes with salt and chilli powder (from my mango stealing stories, Jinu now perceives any mango tree in Kerala to be social property; so stealing a mango is not stealing as such, at the least it is dignified stealing).

Now back to Noufal's Bajis...we have tried bajis in other streets of Calicut as well but Noufal stands out for his unique presentation, heart-load of Calicut hospitality and near-perfect location. He serves his bajis neatly on a piece of banana leaf laid over a steel plate. He has Gobi (Cauliflower) Baji, Mulagga (Capsicum) Baji, Parippu Vada and Roasted Peanuts. Both the Bajis taste extremely good but we have had better Parippu Vadas else where.

To sum it up...

Tasty Tasty ???? Yes Papa
Costly Costly??? No Papa
Healthy Healthy ??? Who Cares Papa


  1. സർ ... നല്ല പരിപ്പവട എവിടെ കിട്ടും

    1. Gokul, There is a kiosk opposite to old Leela theater, which sells very tasty parippu vada and there is one right in front of the main gate of Nalanda hotel