Saturday, May 10, 2014

And so we begin...

When I first came to Kozhikode (3 years ago), I had no friends and absolutely no clue as to where to go, to get good food. Having been a foodie all my life, I turned to the Internet for respite but found nothing, no blog posts, no recommendations, no discussions and whatever it is that you expect Google to magically show you when you type, "Kozhikode" and "Food". The one place people kept talking about was Paragon, beyond that nothing emerged.

Considering the diverse and extraordinary food tradition of Malabar, this ignorance is a huge loss.

My husband and I, took it upon ourselves to explore the city and over the course of 3 years have visited about 70% of the eateries here. So, on our 3rd wedding anniversary, we have decided to begin a food blog. Considering our ambiguous nature, combined with my computer illiteracy, I don't know how long this interest is going to last. But in our time here, we hope to reacquaint our followers with the food culture of Malabar, introduce you to eateries in Kozhikode and give you a common wo/man's opinion about food.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as we do. 

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