Monday, May 12, 2014

Diversity @MGrill

Yesterday, we had a large party at home, our friends from Bangalore wanted something Continental; our parents wanted to have Parotta and some Malabari Curry; our mind was wavering to Italian - the only place in Kozhikode that offers such variety is MGrill at Focus Mall, so off we went.

Let me begin by stating the obvious, I love MGrill. It gives me a wide variety of food under one roof and rarely disappoints me. The bearers are very polite and always ready to help. I also love the whole ambiance, with the open kitchen and all. Somehow the sight of fresh food being made, the smell of different ingredients and the heat in the air (from all the cooking), adds to the food experience (for me). 

We began with our favorite, the Traditional French Soup, served in a bread bowl, it is creamy and very whole. I especially love the fried onions that are added to the soup, really enhances the flavor. If had alone, it is enough to fill one's stomach but since we were sharing, it managed to heighten our taste buds to enjoy the lavish dinner. My six-month old, loved the Soup and kept asking for more.

(Our photography skills are just developing, we apologize in advance for the sloppy pictures)

 (A picture from their Facebook page, looks more tempting here)

(I momentarily stopped feeding her, to take a picture...It didn't go down too well with her)

For the main dish, we all ordered diversely. Our friends had the Honey Balsamic Chicken and the Chicken Portobello, we had the Arrabbiata, while our parents shared Maida/Wheat Parotta with the Fish Mango Curry and the Kerala Prawns Curry. 

 (Honey Balsamic Chicken
Courtesy: MGrill Facebook Page)

(Our picture...It never looks the same does it?)

Our friend's young son, who ate the Chicken Portobello said, "The chicken is quite nice", which is huge praise coming from a 12-year old. The Honey Balsamic Chicken was also awesome, I especially liked its smoothness. 


We enjoyed the Arrabbiata, the pasta was very well made and juicy. The olives were well blended and added zing to the spiciness of the tomato-based sauce. To the Parotta and Malabari Curries my parents replied, "Kozhapam Illa", which is awesome, 'cause they rarely like eating out.

Why no deserts, well I would have loved to try some Choco Mudpie but my daughter was past her sleeping time. Somehow toddlers never appreciate food over good sleep. Hence, had to leave in a hurry. 

For some the prices at MGrill may look a little high but for us this lavish dinner came to about Rs 250/- per person, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

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