Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Goli..The Vada Pav Experience

Vada Pav

The most popular tummy-filler of Mumbai has made its way to Calicut. A Franchise of Goli, the Vada Pav Chain has opened opposite to Tagore Hall. They have 7 different versions of Vada Pav and we tried Mix Veg Vada Pav, Aloo Tikki Vada Pav and Masala Vada Pav . All the three tasted really good. The Garlic Chatni adds a lot of life to the dishes. The cost of all the dishes varies from 35 to 45. For a Cheese- add on, they charge an extra 15. Pretty expensive compared to what ‘Vada Pav’ stands for. The dish is pretty well known as a tummy filler with the least money spent.  
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For a takeaway, they charge an extra 2 rupees for a cheap plastic carry bag, which is highly off the standard for such a restaurant chain.  The whole idea of charging for a carry bag is reducing the use of plastic, which fails here in this case.
So Goli…Paper Bags please…..

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