Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A day worth reliving a hundred days

It was a day worth reliving a hundred days. We were attending the ' belong ceremony' of Kalai community. It is a tradition being followed since 447 years. The event goes after the Udaipur king handing over the ceremonious sword to Kalai community. The event is called 'Kalai Rai Balma Pandas' which translates Kalai King Carrying Ceremony. Here is where the 7 ministers of the community from all across Tripura come together to make the rules for the community.


This is a closed community event.We were privileged to cross this as were specially invited guests.

The sacred food

The event starts with the sacrifice... Please don't be judgmental here. A pig, a goat and a chicken were sacrificed ceremoniously. And then we cooked it and had the lunch served.

And then the rising trance with, Desi daaru..



And then the Rai (the king) and six ministers were gloriously taken to the throne...


The new king

The current Rai is the 148th.
The event ends with the retiring king taken on the Thang Chang, the chariot to his home. The new king will be selected, rather the sixth minister will be promoted as the king the next day
Special thanks to Dennis Debbarma and Shingli Jamathia for making this possible

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